Kings Security Services is an excellent security guard company required to tackle any security issues. They have excellent client side experience, backing up the security services with professional understanding of the role of guard services and the communications process. They are extremely energetic, self-motivated and able to swiftly respond to security threat. I will recommend kings Security services to any company that might need their services.

– Alex, President, Amcon Contracting.

I have been extremely impressed with Kings Security Services. Their high-energy and analytical skills allowed them to protect our most valuable properties and lives from theft. We are very pleased with their results. We will recommend Kings to any clients who need excellent services.

– Atul Patel, CM and E.

I can definitely say that I'd recommend Kings Security Services to anyone. The team was critical to the safety of our properties. Additionally, the teams' knowledge of Security Services and communications was extremely valuable in our development of our safety strategy and plan. Overall, I really enjoyed working with Kings Security Services …they helped us create great value for consumers.

– Kumar, Shri Construction.

I've worked with many, many Security guard company over the years, and I would rank Kings Security Services as one of the most insightful and strategic teams with whom I've partnered. Kings Security effectively challenged our security threats, helped us better analyze our safety insights to enable our management protect our tenants and their valuables. I would recommend Kings Security to any company that is making tough, strategic decisions to safe guarding their valuables/tenants.

– Noah Esosa, Senior Project Manager, Noah and Associates.

We have been working with Kings Security since 2009 on all of our projects with NYC SCA, NYCHA & DEP. They provided us with excellent and top notch security services, great work ethic, excellent service, unique ability to solve complicated issues and great attention to detail. We highly recommend them and it is a pleasure working with them for all these years.

– UTB-United Technology, Inc.